Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sowing Millions: Support Organic Gardening and Get 25 seed packets for $5

Seeds of Change has organic seeds to help get your organic garden started. Check out their Sowing Millions Project to sign up for 25 seed packets, including vegetables, herbs, and flowers, all for just $4.99 shipped.

Check out all the details and sign up here.

Happy Gardening!

Happy World Backup Day!

Spring is in the air.. and it's April Fool's Day eve... what better day to take a moment (or a few) to backup your critical computer files. As mundane and boring as it sounds, it's critical if you have files, photos or videos that could not be replaced. How can you do this frugally? There are some options.

You could backup your files locally. Hard disk drives are fairly inexpensive these days.You can also use a flash drive or CD or DVD. Back up your entire computer with software like the built in Windows Backup and Recovery on Windows PC's, Acronis, or choose from the many, many software programs made to help you backup your files. You can find an extensive list here.

The other choice for backup is in the "cloud". Online backup services are growing -- Amazon just announced it's free 5GB online backup service. Others include Drop Box, iDrive, Norton Online Backup, and Carbonite. Check out this link for a list of available services. Depending on your needs, find the backup service that fits your needed file space and budget.

Personally, I use Carbonite backup. It's saved me from one computer crash... I was able to restore everything with minimum interruption. I don't have to think about it, it happens all on it's own. There is no space limit, so I don't have to worry about all the photos and videos of the kids. The price is reasonable, and I've been very happy with the ease of using the program. It works for me!

I do recommend that you pick a solution you'll stick with -- you'll be happy that you did!

Read more about World Backup Day!

Friday, March 25, 2011

3-user McAfee Internet Security 2011 for $5

Today Dell Home has a great deal on McAfee Internet Security 2011. Protect 3 PCs/laptops for one low price of $5 with FREE SHIPPING. If you're in need of a firewall and virus/malware protection, this is a great price! Go to Dell Home for this super deal!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seasonal Cooking

Often I've heard people recommend to eat what's grown locally, and in season. Now that's great if you've got a garden, farmer's markets (which we are blessed with many here in Northern California), or a great grocery store or a specialty market, but not everyone is so lucky. Say you're heading to your regular grocery store and wonder, what's in season where I live?

Epicurious has a handy web site to help you find out! In their Farm to Table Guide, you will find a peak-season map of the United States. Choose the month, then choose your state, and a menu will pop up with a list of peak season fruits and vegetables. Need ideas for what to make? Mouseover the produce items, and two links will appear -- click one for a description, and the second for a sampling of recipes using that ingredient.

Not that fond of Epicurious Recipes? Try these other recipe searches by ingredient: Ingredient Search - just type in all your desired ingredients in the search box
Supercook Recipe Search

Of course you can now use Google search engine to search for recipes... just type the ingredients you want and the word recipe in the search box -- then limit the results by clicking on RECIPES in the left side.

Happy seasonal cooking!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Free Grilling eCookbook

It's spring, and your fancy has possibly turned to... GRILLING! If you're looking for some new ideas for grilled food, check out this free e-cookbook from Mr. Food. Recipes include pizza, appetizers, veggies, chicken, turkey, and of course burgers! It even includes recipes for grilled peaches, a grilled banana split, and s'mores. Enjoy!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Free Cleaning Gift Pack

The first 3,000* to respond will receive our final March giveaway–the Spring–Cleanest Gift Pack. It features one package of Windex® Premium Kitchen Microfiber Cloths by Libman®.
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