Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Garden Update, August 10, 2011

Hi everyone,

We are busily preparing for the first day of school, so I thought I'd take a moment and show y'all what's going on in our garden. Overall things are looking beautiful, though we have some issues as well. On to the pictures :)

My Anaheim peppers are gorgeous! I wish I had room for more of these. I love these for a little "kick" in my crockpot "refried" beans.

The tomatoes of course, are coming along. Nothing quite like running outside when you need a tomato for your sandwich or salad. Soon... sauce....

We still have kale. This bed is pretty shady, so it continues to be happy in this spot. I had expected it to get bitter by now (and I could replace it) but as long as it's producing lovely tasty leaves, I'll keep it!

My lemon cucumbers are starting to ripen. I love these, so cute and tasty!

The acorn squash isn't done yet! It had stopped producing new female flowers, but it's going again. Some are too high on the trellis to reach.. but others I've been able to pollinate. The big problem is a few spots of powdery mildew. I'll be cutting out some leaves today... we gotta fight this early to beat it.

Finally, my (mostly) herb bed is doing well. I am continuing to pinch back the basil and dry it or use fresh if possible, as well as dry the parsley.

How would you combat powdery mildew? Wish me luck, I don't want to lose these lovely plants!


  1. I think there's a baking powder remedy for powdery mildew? I usually just tolerate some on the plants as the season comes to an end. Though I haven't done winter squash so maybe it takes longer and you can't afford to let it take over.

  2. Nice tomatoes and peppers you got there. I am pretty sure they will give you a lot of fruits to harvest. Can those peppers be made into chili powder?. Thanks.

  3. Your garden looks great! I can;t wait for my tomatoes to ripe...they're all green yellowish...

  4. @Tabby and Doll Houses...

    Sorry for not getting back to you... a little medical issue but all better now. :)

    Don't forget you can harvest green tomatoes if your weather is turning poor.. they will ripen on the counter. Not as good as if they ripened on the vine though. I've still got a bunch of green ones even now... waiting is the hardest part!

    We had one Anaheim (mildly spicy) pepper plant. We've already used them all up, but that was the best pepper harvest we've ever had. Just had to find the best spot in our garden for them.


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