Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY: Button Wreath Ornaments Times Two

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One of our family Christmas traditions is that I make a few handmade ornaments each year for our tree. We steer away from the plastic ornaments in favor of ones made by me or the boys, or others that connect us to things we love (we hang a lovely Chinese-style ornament with a cow on it -- representing our dream to live in the country... as well as some beautiful hand blown glass fish from our tree -- trout to be exact. We love fishing and camping, so it fits for us :) )

A few months ago, while looking for something in the basement, I came across my stash of vintage buttons. Since then, I've been thinking how I want to use these. Today I'm going to share just one of my planned projects for these this season -- because everyone has a few buttons laying about!

If you peruse Pinterest DIY and crafts recently, you've probably seen quite a few button crafts. For these wreaths, I wanted to keep it simple with no special styrofoam forms or other expensive craft supplies. For these, I used buttons, a little floral wire, some hot glue, and ribbon for hanging. I started by sorting a bunch of them into colors. I decided to make one wreath out of ivory/white buttons, and the other out of abalone-looking buttons.

For the ivory wreath, I strung ivory/white buttons onto an 8" piece of floral wire until it was mostly filled, twisted the wire tight, trimmed the wire ends, then added a ribbon hanger.

For the second (abalone button) wreath, I placed some larger buttons in a circle, then started to glue buttons on top of them, bridging the gaps with the ones on top. I added a thin ribbon as a hanger. Here are my results:

Not perfect (perhaps a circle pattern on my craft surface as a guide would have helped!), but an easy and fun craft, and I'm pleased with how cute they turned out!

There are so many possibilities with this one -- so get your buttons out and have fun :)

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  1. They look artsy and modern. Cool!! I will have to remember this project...I have quite a few buttons. :-)


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