Friday, January 3, 2014

Frugal Friday Freebies ~ January 3, 2014 Edition

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Happy Friday everyone! I hope your New Year has started off well. Mine has been a little slow with fighting the flu, but I still have some great freebies to share with you today.  Remember, some of these freebies may not be available for long, so get them while you can! I especially love the free Kindle eBooks on Photography... if you want to learn more about using your digital camera, check them out! 

Here are my freebies for this week:

  • ~ If you've got kids at home and not back at school yet OR you're stuck inside due to inclement weather (it seems everywhere but where I live has SNOW!), how about checking out this fun site that lets you turn paper into all kinds of cars, buildings, monuments, you name it, including a T-Rex, the Capitol Building, a Ferrari, a crown... you just have to check out the list! All you need is a printer, scissors and some glue! Start creating here
  • Free Online Chore Chart ~ If you need a tool to help you and your kids with chores lists, check out this free online tool:
  • Photography ebooks ~ Got a new digital SLR camera? Want to learn how to use yours? Check out these free Kindle ebooks:

"Capture Better Photographs Within 24 Hours- You'll see an improvement in your photos right away and they'll keep getting even better with practice. 

This Book Is Designed For Photographers Who Are Learning
You won't find all the complicated technical jargon that's all over other books and blogs. You will, however, learn all the common terms and definitions to help you wade through the rest of the information out there.

"The first step to becoming a better nature photographer is to understand light. This eBook will help new photographers learn how to make the most of any type of light."

"Photography is all about capturing light... that's it! So, learning to master camera lighting is not just nice...or important. It is VITAL! This volume "Master Photo Lighting... Light 101" of the On Target Photo Training series will quickly give you a solid base to work from."

Remember, these ebooks will not be free forever. Always check the price before you click to buy. Also, don't forget, you don't need a Kindle to read Kindle books! Just download the software for your device (Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or Android device). Free Kindle Reading Apps.

Have a safe and warm weekend everyone!


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links per my Disclosure Policy. These don't cost you anything but could help support my blog. Thanks!

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