Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Resistance

While I've never been one to brave any of the all-night lines for Black Friday sales, I do peruse the ads to see what I might be "missing out" on. This year, with very little cash for such discretionary purchases, I found it much easier to resist even looking at the ads. Ok, I admit I looked a little! I wondered how the companies would be enticing reluctant spending consumers to participate in the "biggest shopping day of the year". Even so, with that little bit of looking, I noticed that there just weren't any stupendous deals out there worth my few-and-far-between discretionary dollars. Of the items I am most familiar with, most of the "deals" weren't any better than what prices have been for weeks.

More importantly, I pondered the following -- did we really need any of that stuff? This is the kind of thinking we apply every day to potential purchases. We got the same answer we get almost every single day, as we are all constantly bombarded with pressure to buy things which will "help us" or that we "need". And, usually, that answer is NO. It just wasn't very hard to make that good choice and "just say no".

Now if only it was that easy to resist a slice of that leftover pie!

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