Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

Today I had a mini-Thanksgiving celebration with just my immediate family. My husband helped muscle the large turkey, rubbed down with wonderfully fragrant fresh herbs from our neighbor's garden, into the oven this morning. I made some stuffing (using left-over french bread I made for yesterday's spaghetti dinner); some smashed potatoes and parsnips; and some glazed carrots, parsnips, and turnips -- the last of the veggies from our CSA , and some homemade cranberry sauce.

There was nothing fancy -- just good food, all seasonal which kept the prices low. The turkey will provide many wonder leftovers in the form of sandwiches, soup, and probably a turkey pot pie. As we sat down to our private Thanksgiving, looking over my wonderful family all gathered, I couldn't help but feel blessed that, even in lean times, we can all come together and enjoy the fruits of the earth and our labor. I was also proud that I could provide this wonderful meal for my family without feeling guilty that we'd overspent. No one has claimed a chance to pull a side of the wish bone yet, but I think we were all winners today!

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