Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Loss Leader Shopping

Today, I visited 3 stores. At the end of my errands, I realized I had not bought one thing that wasn't a "loss leader". Maybe you've heard that term before.. what exactly does it mean? These were items that were advertised at a very low price, in order to bring people into the store. The goal is that you will buy not just the sale item, but other items as well.

In order to take maximum advantage of these kinds of sales, you need to know what a "normal" price is, and what sales prices usually run. Reading the ads every week, or keeping a price book, will help you keep track. Once you know something is an extremely good price, don't be shy. If it's an item you use often, this is the time to STOCK UP! Make sure though, you will use what you buy before the item expires, if applicable. You don't want to have waste, that would be a frugal foul! If you have a pantry plan, use that list as a guide. Is this an item you're running short of, or will run short in the next three months? That's usually the cycle of these kinds of sales. If you think you'll need more.. you guessed it... stock up!

Today, my purchases included a whole ham, whole chickens, canned tuna (the solid kind, not chunk!), canned corn (one of two canned veggies I stock), a whole pork shoulder, and reams of paper, among other things. You can guess that my near-empty freezer is now not so empty!

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