Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Menu Plan - July 18th - Road Trip Week

Hi everyone,

Well we did a good job of using things up in the refrigerator last week. This week we're planning a trip to visit my sister and her new baby, plus scope out an area where we are interested in buying property. It should be fun but a lot of driving. My goal is to reduce our dining out as much as possible, to keep the cost down.

Here's my plan for the week. I'm planning a bit more detail since we won't have the usual things available for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

Sunday: Stir Fry with broccoli, mushrooms, onions, chicken. Keeping it simple, using up the veggies we have left!

Monday: This is our packing day plus it's my class night, so I wanted something very easy! Taco Soup

Tuesday: Travel Day! Breakfast at home. We're making sandwiches in advance for lunch. Dinner will be on the Coleman stove [grilled cheese with roasted peppers] and pasta salad.

Snacks for the trip: Homemade hummus, carrots, crackers, tortilla chips, homemade trail mix with our own dried fruit (apples, apricots) and home roasted nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts) plus some raisins and some M&Ms tossed in.

Wednesday: Visiting Day. Free breakfast at the hotel. Sandwiches for Lunch. I'll be cooking dinner with my sister -- not sure what that will be, but I'm sure it will be fabulous, she's a great cook!

Thursday: Visiting and travel day. We'll be leaving my sister's area and going to the area where we're interested in property. Free breakfast at the hotel room. Sandwiches for Lunch. Dinner possibly with a relative in the area we'll be staying the night. If not, we'll be eating out.

Friday: Visiting and Exploring. We've got some "touristy" things scoped out. Free breakfast at the hotel, lunch: out. Dinner: either out or with a relative (depends on what happens on Thursday).

Saturday: Travel Day. We'll be driving home this day! Free breakfast at hotel, make lunch along the way. Dinner: Eat out along the way.

Phew, that's quite a trip! I'll let you know how it turns out next week! How have you kept your meals frugal while traveling?

Need more ideas for your menu plan? Check out Menu Plan Monday hosted this week by Finding Joy in My Kitchen!

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  1. Planning for what you'll eat on vacation is such a necessity! We just returned from our big summer trip and having those healthy snacks and easy meals saved us sanity, time, & money!


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