Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Garden Update ~ July 26, 2011

Boy was I pleasantly surprised to see how well our garden did while we were gone. The automatic watering system did a good job of keeping things alive. Everything is growing well, but I did find some signs of an INVADER in our garden! Here are some pictures of how our garden looks this week:

Acorn squash is growing well -- check out this monster (one of the first squash that set).

Not all the squash survived the week. Without hand pollination, we lost a few, as this one shriveled and will die due to lack of pollination.

The tomatoes are starting to ripen! Not too long and I will have a lot to process.

The peas are growing nicely. Looking forward to using them in some stir fry!

All the pepper plants have 3-5 peppers each. I love using peppers so I can't wait for these to ripen!

Finally, I found signs that we have an invader in our garden. See the droppings? This most likely means we have a tomato hornworm... somewhere. I looked for him for a long time today, to no avail. These guys are HARD to spot!

How is your garden growing this week?

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