Tuesday, November 1, 2011

(Almost) Final Tomato Harvest, October 2011

Here's a quick garden update.. while it's still technically Tuesday here :)

Remember that WALL of tomato plants I showed a picture of last week? Well it's ALL GONE now. This past weekend, my wonderful husband harvested all those plants of every tomato on them, and took out all the plants. Here is the fabulous result!

As you can see, there were lots of ripe tomatoes -- 3 baskets, one bucket, and one pot (we were getting desperate for things to put them in!), and a few green ones in a box. The green ones should ripen, and we have started "saucing up" all those red ones!

In the place of tomatoes, I have broccoli and cabbage plants ready to go in! We still need to clean up the bed a little first. As the first frost of the season is predicted for this Friday night, it was a good time to move those tomatoes out. We still have a few plants in the middle bed, but not many tomatoes out there. We'll get them out by Thursday!

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