Thursday, December 17, 2009

Be Frugal, Go Veg!

Here's a great way to reduce your grocery budget without sacrificing flavor or taste. Make at least one night a week vegetarian! The most popular meatless protein choices in our house are eggs, beans, and legumes. Last night's dinner creation was a vegetarian lasagne with carrots, zucchini, and spinach. Yummy!

Beans and legumes are a fabulous addition to your weekly meal plan as they are inexpensive, delicious, plus they have have tons of fiber and protein. Beans have a low glycemic index which means you won't suffer a sugar crash after eating them, but will enjoy sustained energy. There are lots of menu choices which incorporate these great ingredients. Our favorites: burritos (add a seasonal veggie to make it extra yummy!) and split pea soup.

Eggs are also a great addition. Whether you're making omelettes for breakfast or quiche for dinner, this inexpensive ingredient is packed full of protein, every amino acid needed by humans, plus vitamins and minerals! In moderation, they are a great addition to your menu. Consider using a mixture of whole eggs and egg whites in your recipes, as appropriate. My favorite quiche recipe starts with a homemade crust. Add sauteed veggies and onions. Top the veggies with shredded cheese, then add the egg and milk mixture. Season to your taste and you've got an instant family favorite!

If you are looking for a great Vegetarian Cookbook, consider the Moosewood Restaurant Cookbook, Cooking for Health. Inside you'll find lots of great recipes using these inexpensive yet high quality ingredients to support your frugal AND healthy lifestyle!

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