Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Planning - KISKIFKIF

Here's my motto for planning our holiday activities this year: KISKIFKIF

Keep it Simple
Keep it Frugal
Keep it Fun!

Let's start with our Cub Scout den. Last year we started this tradition and I'm looking forward to continuing again this year. Each of our scouts brings a favorite holiday treat or cookie for  a cookie exchange. Of course, there is some tasting so not all of them make it home to the families, but the boys enjoy sharing their treats with each other. We also sing silly holiday songs. It's a very fun and inexpensive way to bring our families together.

For our family get together I'm planning for Christmas Eve, I'm using the same principles. As I'm not yet sure who will be attending, the menu is in flux, but it will all be simple, delicious, frugal, and fun!  I'll write more about our plans once we're sure of our menu and how many people we will have. If you have a similar event, here are some recommendations. 

1. First, start with a budget. Keeping in mind your guests preferences, fit your menu to your budget. We are planning a (mostly) traditional Polish Christmas, so I'm figuring out how to incorporate fish dishes without breaking the bank. 

2. Don't forget to include activities for the kids (simple ornaments or cookie decorating work well!), 

3. Music sets the tone! Have lots of great holiday music to lighten your guests' spirits!

4. And finally, incorporate simple yet beautiful decorations. Let nature be your friend here! Pine boughs, holly sprigs -- whatever you have available. 

5. Finally, free is good! If you need anything for your party, check out Freecycle and Craigslist. Right now, there are many offers for FREE holiday decorations!

Keep it simple, frugal and fun! You can do it!

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