Monday, December 28, 2009

Use It Up!

Remember when your Mom told you to eat all your vegetables? Sure, she had your health in mind. In addition, waste is a bad thing! This week, my goal is USE IT UP!

This week, in the wake of our holiday celebrations, we've got various foods lurking in the frig. I spent this morning menu planning so they won't go to waste. Most the remainder of the ham was chopped and portioned and put into the freezer. I've got at least FOUR more meals from that ham stashed in my freezer now! The remainders of the pickled fish and smoked salmon will go into (separate) meals tonight and tomorrow. Tonight will be a tomato-ey fish sauce over linguine. Canned tomatoes are a great start for this sauce, as they are economical year round. Tomorrow will be a smoked salmon chowder with potatoes, carrots, celery, and of course smoked salmon.  Yum!

So, take a look around. What do YOU have that you can use up this week?

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