Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rest in Peace

On this day of "love", our family said goodbye to my younger son's very dear pet, Frosty. We'd had Frosty almost three years. She lived a very long, happy life in our home. She loved everyone, even our dog! And she was loved in return. She adored sitting on your shoulder, just watching the world, or hiding in your hair if it was long enough. She was gentle and curious. She loved to turn her "house" upside down and loved ringing the bell hanging in her cage.

Frosty was, of course, a rat. Some people look askance when they hear us talk about her, being what she was. But, she was special. For my younger son, who makes special connections to animals, she was a friend. For all of us, she was a quiet little joy to have around our home. I have to say, we were quite lucky to have this little girl. We've had other rats and hamsters who seemed the opposite in personality. But Frosty was very special, and she will be missed. We've given her a special place under one of our new garden beds. The boys are planning to make a special marker for her.

I'm hoping that we've learned from Frosty, and someday, when my younger son is ready, he will pick a new pet. He certainly has enough love to share.

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