Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Meal Planning - Class Trip Week

This week, my younger son is going on a class trip; and my husband is going as well. They leave Tuesday and come back Friday. I'm planning some "reinvented" meals to use up leftovers. We'll still have our normal Pizza Night on Friday to welcome them home! Here's my menu for the week:

Monday: Marinated london broil cooked on the grill, sugar snap peas, and baked potatoes.

Tuesday: Whole wheat spaghetti with home made turkey meatballs and pasta sauce left over from weekend camping.

Wednesday: Beef stroganoff using leftover beef from Monday night.

Thursday: I'll use the spaghetti left over from Tuesday to make a casserole.

Friday: Homemade pizza night! We'll be having one with ham and pineapple, and another with chard, red onions, and feta cheese.

Saturday:Turkey and two bean Chili with corn bread. I stretch the meat in my chili recipe by using two kinds of beans. Make sure not to skimp on the spices if you're using ground turkey!

Sunday:  Leftovers

Looking for some more ideas about what to have for dinner this week? Check out's Menu Plan Monday!

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