Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Garden Update - Snow peas!

Things are happening faster now that the weather is getting warmer! In the past week, I harvested the remainder of the spinach and chard I planted in February to make room for the last four tomato plants I needed to put in. I've planted more in another section of the garden -- it seems we can't have enough greens! The lettuce has been picked selectively as needed for salads and sandwiches. I'm not sure how long we can keep the lettuce going, so we'll continue to pick the larger leaves for now. Here are a few shots of what's happening in the garden today!

We had a pair of visitors most of last week. They were busy little builders, and seemed to find lots of what they needed around the garden!

We have snow peas!

The broccoli is growing....

The tomatoes think it's time to flower. I am going to pinch them off -- they need to grow more first!

The tallest shelling peas plant reached the top of the trellis, and has started flowering. The others are catching up!

Since we're still planning on building more beds, we don't have an automatic watering system set up yet. So, I'm off to water. Have a great day!

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