Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Garden Update - Harvesting and New Plants

In the past week, we've been harvesting quite a bit from our little garden! Here's a rough estimate of what our garden has given us in the past week:
  • 1/4lb snow peas
  • about a quart of broccoli crowns
  • quart of strawberries ( I can't believe how many we are getting out of our tiny "bathtub" strawberry patch!)
  • lettuce - every few days, we're picking enough for salads for four
 Also in the past week, our pumpkins, delicata squash and zucchini plants have emerged!

In addition, we've got more chard and spinach seedlings. Our tomato plants are doing well (I just started tying them to their stakes. Also, I'm continuing to pinch flowers off for now).The peppers are growing slowly.

My homemade slug trap hasn't caught anything yet. We're handpicking the slugs when we find them. They seem to prefer the lettuce to the beer!

I still haven't figured out the identity of my mystery flower plants for certain. When I originally planted them, I thought the seeds were nasturtiums (they truly looked almost identical, granted they were a couple years old!), but clearly they are something different. It's kind of fun having a mystery plant in the garden. (Actually, as of Monday morning, I think I've figured out what they are!)

It's really wonderful hanging out in the garden, witnessing the "magic" of it all. It changes every day -- there's always a new wonder. I especially enjoy incorporating our home grown produce into my menu plans. If we had more space we could do much more, but even in this time space, we've accomplished a lot. If you're interested in learning about square foot gardening, check out this site. You'll be amazed at what you can do in just a little space!

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  1. I totally agree with you about watching the magic happen in the garden. My garden isn't as far along as yours, but we've enjoyed a few strawberries and many herbs so far. The peppers are starting to grow, and we have a billion green tomatoes that we're waiting on. But the rest of our plants aren't going to be gifting us with their glory for another month or so (or two or three or four in the case of our potatoes/sweet potatoes/watermelon).


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