Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monday Meal Planning - June 27th

It's been a while since I posted a menu plan. Whether you write it down in full detail or scratch out your ideas for the week on a scrap of paper and post it on the frig... I encourage you to have some sort of plan. Making a menu plan has a "recipe" of it's own! It all starts with what I've got onhand. Add in our activities for the week, with a sprinkle of what the weather will be (do you really want to have the oven on all day if it's 100 degrees out?). Mix it all together, keeping in mind your family favorites, plus some recipes you'd like to try.. and out comes a set of meals for the week.

Now, do I stick to this exactly? I try to.. but I don't feel bad if it just doesn't work out. If something comes up, I'll often swap days around, or make changes as necessary. With a plan... you've got a place to start, and that puts you ahead of the game. On to my "plan" for the week!

Monday - This is my class night. I want something EASY as I'll probably be finishing up my homework before I go :) Sounds like a good night for Burrito night, with No Fry Refried Beans, Rice, plus veggies and lettuce from the garden along with all the fixins.

Tuesday - Broccoli Soup. I've got some broccoli and potatoes that need to be used up! 

Wednesday - According to the weather, this will be a cool day. Sounds like a perfect day for Split Pea Soup, so we can use up the ham bone I have in the freezer.

Thursday - Our official "Grill night". Grilled veggies plus whatever hubby feels like grilling (hamburgers, veggie burgers, chicken? We'll see!)

Friday - Home made Pizza night!

Saturday - It's supposed to be toasty this weekend, so I'm planning a Make Your Own Sandwich night! We'll have salad (from the garden!) to go along.

Sunday - Pasta night! Roasted cherry tomatoes, whole wheat penne pasta, feta, and kalamata olives, with toasted chopped walnuts and fresh basil.

Looking for more menu planning inspiration? Check out Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie. Lots of great menu plans and meal ideas! Have fun planning, and have a great week!

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