Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Tuesday in June Frugal Garden Update... TOMATOES are COMIN'!

With our COOL spring, I was really starting to worry about how our garden would turn out this year. A recent spike of heat and my garden is loving it! Here's a tour of our garden today... from tomatoes to squash to flowers and lots in between! Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

Let's start the tour with our acorn squash, which is already more than half way up the trellis! This is a different acorn than we grew last year, and it's very happy here along the fence.

Apples are doing their "June drop"... as expected. Two more months until they're ready.

Broccoli is done (it never grew much), but the nasturtiums are very happy! Love seeing the honey bees come visit.
Cucumbers are coming along. I love using tomato cages for this.. easy, and they don't work well for the tomatoes anyway!
First tomatoes are setting on the "Mamma Mia" plants we got from Orchard Supply. Hopefully they won't take too long to ripen.
Eggplant seedlings are getting their real leaves. Just about time for them to go into the garden!
Our first bell pepper. I don't like 'em green, so gotta wait. Looks like these need more insecticidal soap.. the aphids are tough this year.
My free jade plants are loving their spot near the garden. They didn't love the hail storm we had earlier this year.. but they are holding their own. You can see the difference between the leaves damaged by the storm, and the new ones.
More nasturtiums, and kale. As long as it doesn't get too hot, we've been able to keep enjoying our kale!
We're enjoying our second round of lettuce, despite some snail attacks. I love this lettuce seed from Baker Creek Seeds -- Henderson's Black Seed lettuce. It's got a wonderful texture, and is easy to pick as you need About time to start round 3!
You can't even tell that I harvested a LOT of parsley last week, which is almost done drying. I'll use some fresh, but make sure I keep saving some so it will last.
 My San Marzano tomatoes that I started from seed are doing GREAT. This is a new bed that my hubby built with recycled materials along the fence. It gets a lot of sun and they are growing like crazy!  I've even got some basil nestled at the base of a few. These cages (made by hubby) are only 5 feet tall.. I have a feeling it won't be long before they top that!
 Our strawberry planter (from runners from our bathtub beds) has a ton of strawberries coming! Might be enough for a pie, if I can keep the rest of the family from snacking on them.
How is your garden doing? Hope you're enjoying it!

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