Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scraps + Samples = Possibilities

My mind has been dwelling on these fabric scraps that I have. I need to figure out if I'm keeping them (moving forward towards making something with them!) or finding them a new home. This afternoon, I went and pulled the boxes out to look and feel them again, hoping for inspiration. One box is cotton scraps, the other has upholstery fabric samples. At one time, I had a plan to make trivets (the upholstery fabric seems a good fit for this), but I'm not sure I want to do that anymore. There must be a "perfect" project for them, right? I'm in the mood for a new project, just need to choose!

Yep, still waiting for inspiration.... What's On Your Mind?


  1. OOOHHHHHH...I see a red, white and blue table runner waiting in the first picture and some awesome patchwork type pillows in the second one.

  2. It's so funny; I've been given a load of upholstery fabrics too! After months of umming and ahhing, here's some projects I have planned for mine:

    - make some thicker curtains for our bedroom (we have a beautiful embroidered gold fabric)
    - make door snakes
    - I've made a toy storage bag for my childrens' blocks.
    - table cloths
    - believe it or not, I'm making a warm dress for my little girl! (it looks like corduroy but thicker)
    - bedding for my two puppies and cat.
    - cushions for around the house.

    I hope this is of some help, or at least gets your creative juices flowing

  3. Dear Judy
    I love fabric so much, I would sleep in it if I could. Your options are endless. I am about to make a floor rug out of scraps, I've not done this before, but if you would like the pattern let me know and I would be happy to email it to you. I doesn't look hard and something you could do while watching the TV or sitting in the sunshine or beside a warm fire or even in bed if you want. Anyway, happy to share the pattern if you want.

  4. Hi Judy

    I've got the same problem. So many fabric scraps but no idea what to do with them. Too good to throw away. I've got young children and one's a girl so heaps of doll clothes and soft furnishings coming up I think plus a few gifts for her friends.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  5. Table runners are nice and you could mix the fabrics.


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