Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cooking Double

When I'm in the kitchen, I've learned to make my efforts count. If you're putting together a dish, whether it's a casserole, pot of soup or stew, or maybe a quiche, consider going double. If you're already making one, the effort to make a duplicate (or double the amount) is much less than making the same dish again another night. So why not save yourself some work, not to mention energy and dirty dishes, and make your dish times two!

Here I've got a pair of Asparagus and Mushroom quiches in progress. I cooked completed versions of both a couple weeks ago. Since then, one has been nestled safely in my freezer, waiting for dinner one night this week. This is a *lifesaver* when life gets super busy. It's the perfect alternative to the temptation of fast food, going out when it's not in your budget, or other expensive options.

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