Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Garden Update

Hi everyone,

Well it's Tuesday; and it's raining again in Northern California. My garden is HAPPY! Also this week, there's another new bed section, built by my husband with almost all FREE materials (mostly from Craigslist and salvaging during the city's "Spring Cleanup Campaign"), this past weekend.  I planted tomatoes (Heidi, Amish Paste, and San Marzano), peppers (Ancho, California Wonder, and Karma), and sweet basil plants.
Laying out plant placement in the new bed.

We repurposed some found materials for the tomato stakes, and an old (small) tomato cage and some wire cloth for the supports for the pepper plants. We added more compost to the soil in this bed -- it didn't seem like we'd put enough into the last one, so we'll see how these plants do.

New bed with all plants and supports.

As I mentioned last week, into the empty bed I hadn't planted yet, I planted my celery and parsley seedlings, in addition to some lemon cucumber, Fordhook Chard, and nasturtiums seeds. Some of these are already poking their heads up above the soil!  I'll be using some larger tomato cages for the cucumber supports. I'm not sure how that will work, but it's what we have.
A happy parsley seedling, now in a garden bed!
This week I harvested spinach and turnip greens. Things we need to do soon include putting in a watering system, especially for the tomatoes, and plant more flowers. We also need to work on slug control. We'll probably go for a beer trap.

How is your garden doing? Any challenges or suggestions? Have a great gardening week!

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