Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Stocking up at Safeway

At our local Safeway this weekend, there are a few great items for stocking up your pantry, as well as keeping some great fresh fruit in your frig. I'll need lots of fresh fruit this week, as the kids are home for Spring Break. Check out these deals I found at my local Safeway.

Campbell's Tomato Soup, 2 for $1

Prego Pasta Sauce, $1.25 with coupon. This will go straight to our emergency supplies!

Pink Lady or Jazz Apples, $0.98 per pound. Jazz apples are normally $2.50 a lb, and are fabulously crispy and just the right sweetness -- we'll all enjoy these!

Grapes, $0.98 per pound. These will be a nice treat for the boys while they are home for the week!

Smithfield bacon, $1.99 per lb. Before this goes into the freezer, I'll split it into quarters. Just a quarter pound is all you need to add that nice bacony richness to a dish.

These prices were in Northern California. These are based on our California ad (4/7-4/13), which may or may not be similar to the Safeway, Vons, Dominicks, Genuardis, Pavilions, Carrs, Tom Thumb or Randalls ad in your area. Click the link of your local store; then enter your zip code to get for the circular for your local store!

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