Sunday, April 25, 2010


This morning, we harvested our turnips. I've never grown turnips before, so I was curious how they would turn out. Aside from the slug problems, you can see that they grew beautifully!

I cut the greens from the roots; and put the roots into the refrigerator for a dinner sometime this week. I took half the greens and cooked them up, then stashed them in the freezer to go into another meal. Just like other greens, a lot of them washed, stripped from the large ribs, chopped and cooked don't look like much when you're done!

Now to put something else into that space! Probably tomatoes, though I'll need to harvest more chard and a little bit more spinach. In the meantime, I'm planning my menu for the week. I'm looking forward to some roasted turnips!

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