Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The $9 Tux

For only nine dollars, we put together this outfit for my younger son for a holiday event. Here's how we did it! First, the pants were hand-me-downs from our older son. That's a great start.

Next, the jacket. We didn't have anything that would fit my son, so off to my favorite Salvation Army we went (this is the biggest one in our area, and has a great selection!). We looked at suits and jackets, but the only one that fit was this tuxedo jacket -- price = $4. Ok, these would be perfect with the tuxedo pants we already had. But what about a shirt? That store didn't have any tuxedo shirts. There was another customer nearby also trying on jackets. This helpful gentleman suggested we try a Goodwill store not far away, as he had seen tuxedo shirts there. With a "thank you" we were off to this other store after paying for the jacket. In my mind I was thinking of the next step, what would we do if we couldn't find a shirt?

We rolled up and it was pouring rain. The store looked promising though, it was a large Goodwill. We ran inside and headed to the mens section. We did, in fact, find quite a few tuxedo shirts. Only one in my son's size though, so after trying it on, he was very excited that it fit. $5 for the shirt, which was brand new! I'll definitely be continuing to shop in those stores. Great selection, quality merchandise, and good prices. It's a win!

The finishing touch was the tie, which was borrowed from my husband (a hand-me-down from his great uncle). The outfit was complete. My son looked fabulous and had a great time at the event. I wouldn't be surprised if this outfit is worn again next Halloween, as he spent all day introducing himself as James Bond!

Need something? Check out your local secondhand stores.

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