Sunday, January 17, 2010

Frugal Foul - Yeast Packets

If you're interested in making your own yeast bread, there is one item whose cost may catch you by surprise. That would be those little yeast packets they sell in the supermarket. Our local grocery store sells the 3-packs of 0.25 ounces of yeast (either Active Dry or Rapid Rise) for $1.69. As most bread recipes call for one of these packets, using one bought from our local grocery store would mean you would have spent $0.56 JUST for the yeast for one loaf of bread!

Compare that to a 4ounce jar sold in some stores. Some of our local groceries sell these for $7.69. Buying these, it would cost you $0.48 for that 0.25 ounces required for a loaf of bread. That's almost as much as the packets -- still a LOT of money, just for the yeast.

Luckily, you can get it much cheaper. Our local Costco sells 32 ounces (2lbs) for $3.69. Using this Active Dry yeast, I spend only $0.03 on the yeast for a loaf of bread. I've read that Sam's Club also carries a similar item for a similar price. Also, try local stores that carry a variety of baking flours.

So stay far, far away from those packets. Buy in bulk, and keep most of the package in your freezer. I keep a small amount in a glass jar in my refrigerator, refilling from the freezer as needed.


  1. I agree I usually buy in bulk, however in November I was able to buy the packets for FREE - $0.07 each with my coupons and catalinas at Meijer! Can't beat FREE!!! Gotta love it!


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