Monday, January 4, 2010

Frugal Frolic's Fantastic Cookbook and Web Recipe Resources List

Ok, so I've talked about stocking a pantry, meal planning... but what if you need a little inspiration? I know that *I* do quite often! Well, here's a little help. This is a list of print and web resources for frugal cooks of all types. These are resources that will help you be successful! I especially like the web sites where you can plug in the ingredients you have, and it gives you recipe ideas for those items. Note: This is a work in progress -- if you have a resource you think belongs on this list, thank in advance for letting me know by making a comment! Thanks, and enjoy!

5 Recipe/Cookbooks to Help you Put Dinner on the Table and Keep More Money in your Pocket:

Family Feasts for $75 a week - guidance on shopping, cooking and recipes to save your family money.

Healthy Meals for Less -- a variety of good, easy recipes that are good for you, and less than a dollar a serving.

More-With-Less Cookbook -- Recipes from a Mennonite kitchen that support your health and protect the planet's limited resources, all at the same time.

Saving Dinner-- Weekly menus, shopping lists and recipes to help you answer the question, "What's for dinner???"

Semi-Homemade Money-Saving Slow-Cooking-- Your slow cooker is your ally in saving money on meals.

Recipe/Cooking information Web Sites:

All Recipes: – use Advanced search (from main web page, at the top click More ->>Advanced search in the menu that pops up). Search by ingredients, cuisine, cooking method, meal, preparation time, and more.

Supercook: --  Here's a web site made specifically to help you find recipes to make with what you have on hand. "Add" the ingredients you have and see all the possibilities!

Recipezaar: - Click the radio button for "Ingredients" to find recipes specific to the ingredients you'd like to use.

Epicurious: - Find Gourmet Magazine and Bon Appetit Magazine recipes. Under Articles and Guides, click on Everyday Cooking to find two months' worth of dinner menu plans.

Food Network: – Want to know how your favorite cook on the Food Network made that great looking dish? Find it here.

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