Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just when the sauce ran out...

Just this week, we've used up all the tomato sauce I made from tomatoes from our CSA and that I got onsale during the summer. I was saying how sad it was that it was all gone -- I enjoy making out own spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce JUST the way we like it! Well, someone from Safeway must have been listening. Starting today, through next Tuesday, our local Safeway has Roma (paste) tomatoes for 47cents a pound. I sent hubby to buy 10lbs today. If I get those processed, I'll send him for more :) With spaghetti sauce costs around $3 a jar, there is no comparison to homemade, either in taste or cost.

If you're curious about how to make your own sauce from tomatoes, check out this tomato sauce making picture essay by our CSA. It's SUPER easy! And while it's nice to use a food mill, you don't need one. You can process the sauce in your food processor or use a hand blender, depending on the type of sauce you like. The nice thing is, you make it the way YOU want it to be!

We've also stocked up on canned tomato soup (this is a great emergency food item) as they had our store brand for 50cents a can. This can be used in so many more ways than soup, so it makes a great addition to your preparedness pantry. And that is certainly on my mind, with a number of small earthquakes locally and other events around the world.

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