Saturday, January 16, 2010

Great Garden Planning Resources

As this is the first time we've done an extensive garden (more than a few kinds of plantings) for a number of years, I was looking for some new tools to make it easier for me to plan. Luckily, I found some nice resources from the following:

1. Get an overall view of what you can go throughout the year with Planting Calendars at They have planting calendars for zones 3 though 10. Don't know your zone? You can look it up here at the National Gardening Association's web site. You'll just need your zip code!

2. Plan your garden with Gardener's Supply online garden planning tool. Note: this web site also has some preplanned gardens. Check them out for ideas!

3. Your state or local Cooperative Extension. This is a fabulous resource for every gardener! At the web page for our county's cooperative extension, I found planting calendars and guidelines for both cool and warm season vegetables. I also found recommendations for varieties, tips for growing in our area, free workshops, and more.

4. Your local library. Find a book that is the best fit for your gardening goals!

5. Local Demonstration Gardens and Home Centers. Check these out for classes, inspiration, and support in all your gardening endeavors.

Now, with all that great information, it's time to cuddle up with a seed catalog!

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