Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yes, You Can

I'm sure you read the title of this and thought, what was the question? Frankly, it doesn't matter, because you CAN do whatever you set your mind to doing or learning.

Many years ago when I was first working, we needed someone to maintain and fix the computers in our group. As it turned out, it wasn't possible for anyone to come in to work on them. We had to learn it for ourselves. It was fascinating to me -- computers are very logical (well, mostly!) and solving problems was like solving a puzzle. I got good at it.

In the past 10 years, I've spent time volunteering using these skills I learned not just out of necessity, but because I found out I enjoyed it. With a degree in Chemical Engineering, I never thought working with computers would be something I would love doing. But here I am!

Making the choice to live frugally, either by choice or necessity, is a great opportunity. There are so many skills that we pay other people to do for us, that you may think you can't do. But guess what, you can! In the process, you might even discover that not only can you do something new, but you might even discover something you really love doing. Cooking, sewing, house repair, gardening, landscaping, money management, computer and technology maintenance... the list goes on. Which one will you try?

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